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Lorenda said:

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you have done for me thus far.  ABSA phoned me yesterday and it seems as if everything is now sorted out with them.  You don't know how relieved I am not receiving calls threatening me anymore.  

Thank you to all the staff working at Accord Debt Solutions.  Your company assisted me at a time when I needed help very badly.  The feeling of desperation, feeling ashamed, depression and all kinds of mixed emotions having financial problems was too much for me.  It leaves you with different kind of emotions - a feeling of self destruction, sleepness nights, living in fear - as you don't know what could happen next.  You really expect the worse to happen.  At some stage I even thought of resigning and pay all my debts.  

I am so glad that I found your company.  Out of desperation I was googling and that's how I came to know about Accord Debt Solutions.  Since I have contacted you guys my life began to change.  I must admit that I was still scared for the first few months as creditors still kept on phoning and threatening me.  

You guys pulled me through!  Thank you once again for all your good work.

I really appreciate everything that all of you have done for me.

GOD bless.



Judith said:

I am pleased to say that I have finally managed to settle the last ofthe Debts. I was given a settlement amount. This, I have paid on the 15 Jan. Please cancel all debit orders as I no longer require your services and wouldalso like to take this opportunity and thank you for the excellent servicesthat you have given me since 2013 July.


Conrad said:

I wish to thank you for yourservices which you have rendered, you really offered me the service I needed.You lifted the weight I was carrying on my shoulders and brought me peace ofmind.

Thank you.



Mr TP Mazibuko said:

To my greatest pleasure,I would like to share my thumbs up"THANKS"toall the Accord Debt Solutions for their hard working in assisting me inhandling all my Debts on my behalf. I have managed to be on track financial wise andam hoping it will stay like that for as long as I live,taking intoconsideration all that I have learnt through out the process.


Marthinus said:

I would like to thank you for your good services and assistance the last few years. You are a great help and pillar for the public. I will refer friends and family to you in the future any time. 


Berenese said:

What a great help, when I was down and drowned in debt.

What an opportunity now to breathe again.

It will be with immediate effect.

I am really grateful.


Marilyn said:

I would like to thank you for your unfailingsupport in helping me to reduce my debt. I will be able to pay up alloutstanding balances.